What is Automated Parking?

Automated parking is a concept that allows a driver to pull into a garage, get out of their car, and have it taken away and stored by a system of tracks, lifts, and movable platforms.

Do these systems exist anywhere?

Yes! Automated parking has been popular in countries such as Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, and many others for decades. It is most useful in situations where land value is high and space is at a premium.

What is the advantage of the system?

The list of advantages with automated parking is extensive. For developers, they are able to greatly reduce the required footprint for the parking areas and still achieve the same high capacity. For Users, there is no more circling around and waiting for spots to become available, simply pull into the load-bay, get out, and the car parks itself. For the environment, no more CO2 is expelled in the parking process causing a tremendous reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, our systems are built with recyclable steel frames rather than energy-intensive and non-recyclable concrete!

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